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Concrete Handbook for Artists

Technical Notes for Small-scale Objects
Reviews and Readers' Comments

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SNAGnews, July 2002, review:
(Society of North American Goldsmiths)
"This handbook presents in detail the methods and hazards of using concrete in small scale sculpture and very small scale jewelry. Materials and procedures are explained in detail, including which materials to use...
In short, everything you need to know about concrete...the book has many photographs and diagrams, a gallery section, troubleshooting information, sources of supply, book list, internet links, MSDS sheets, Glossary and Index."

Ontario Craft: The Newsletter, February 2003, review:
(Ontario Crafts Council)
"For many years Andrew Goss has developed an in-depth knowledge of concrete for small-scale work...Recently this detailed [web]site of his research and the work of other artists has become a book. The technical information appears to be impeccable."

MAGazine, Fall 2003, review:
(Metal Arts Guild of Canada)
"The Handbook's real feature is Goss' ability to explain everything in a clear-cut and thorough form, making the material contained within very user-friendly. His instructions are so clear and precise that anyone could pick up his book and have a successful first attempt at working with concrete."

Portland Cement Association (USA), June 2002, summary:
"Author and professional artist Andrew Goss has a professional studio where he creates sculpture and jewelry using concrete. Subtitled, 'Technical Notes for Small-Scale Objects,' this handbook provides good background information about cement and concrete in a concise and readable fashion. Safety issues in working with concrete are addressed, and additional print and web resources are provided."

Etsy review, 2015:
"Excellent overview with plenty of technical details. A good primer on the topic and more."

"As a current art student in my final year this has been the most useful purchase I have made through my degree. I started working with concrete through my second year and haven't looked back. I came across your website and thought the book would be an ideal resource as my projects have lead me down a path towards sculpture and jewellery. Your work and collection of technical detail in the book and on your website is invaluable to a student like me and I have already been recommending them to my peers and tutors." S.M., Yorkshire, UK.

"I am currently getting my MFA in Sculpture and was introduced to your book through my Graduate Director. I absolutely love this book- my family works in the construction industry and I think this book is the perfect merge of the materials into small scale sculpture. Thank you so much for your knowledge!" M.G., CA, USA

"Thanks, this is the second book I've purchased. My sculpture teacher took a liking to it and I gave it to her. I've almost lost it a few other times to various people who borrowed it for extended periods of time. It's a great book. Thank you for writing it and maintaining your wonderful web site. Sincerely," M.W., FL, United States.

"It seems to me the book is a model of what this type of book should be...from the clarity of your writing, work that illustrates aesthetic possibilities as well as the necessary technical information, through proper attention to health and safety issues, to very detailed information about material sources and sources of information....etc etc everything is there." Rex Lingwood: sculptor, Bright, Ontario. (Lingwood was one of the readers of the manuscript.)

"Thanks for sending the book, I received it today, and seems to answer to our questions about concrete! I'm still looking for french books...but with a good dictionary, I hope I will be able to translate. Congratulations from France..." S.V.M.

"...a great resource and just what I need" P.D., United Kingdom

"I am writing to thank-you and to tell you that I think it is superb... I have a cement workshop this weekend, so it will be very useful." Nicholas Rees: sculptor and teacher of ferrocement, Kitchener, Ontario. (Rees' work is in the gallery section of the book.)

"Thanks for taking your time to share your experience with concrete, your book it's going to be VERY USEFUL!" A.G., Puerto Rico

"I just finished reading your book and I want to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed it! It is so inspiring and informative and well-laid out. I am a woodworker/furniture maker who wants to start incorporating metal and concrete into my pieces. You have really inspired me..." J.F., Canada

"I don't expect to be working with concrete anytime in the near future but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the process....I even had a quick look at some of the artists' websites." A.K., Canada

"I just received your book - it's quite wonderful and very very informative!...wonderful in depth tribute to cement...Probably, the most informative information out there on the subject." Ilene Dunn: artist, New Mexico. (Dunn's concrete tile work is in the gallery section of the book.)

"Thank you for writing such a book (and hosting a great website)...Thank you for sharing so much information." A.B., ME, United States

"I have had your book for some time now and refer to it on a frequent basis. As a matter of fact a friend saw it on the coffee table and tried to borrow it, asking me as she was putting it in her purse saying something to the effect that she went to school for sculpture. I immediately said "no way, sorry", sort of trying to be diplomatic. I actually gave her a magazine that I didnŐt even have a chance to read yet as a distraction. Well it worked and I still have the book." I.S., PA, United States

"It looks to be amazing! It seems that I will have your entire website in my very own hands. Thanks so much." B.F., Canada

This book is listed in the Portland Cement Association's online catalog bookstore (USA) as well as the Compleat Sculptor.

You can see a preview of the book and read many of the pages by going back here.

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